Carly Pluskwik



Carly recently moved to Sitka this past spring - a transplant from Minnesota!  When she's not on the spin bike, you can find Carly on the water or in the woods - fishing, hunting, outdoor adventuring, and traveling are at the top of her to-do list.  Carly's addiction to group exercise began while she was attending college at the University of North Dakota. It didn't take long for her to realize that spin class was the best way for her to get a solid workout in and still have time for class, studying, and work.  Carly found herself doing all she could to plan her daily class and work schedule around spin class - it was then that she realized, this could be my work! Since then, she has been teaching group exercise (primarily spin) on and off for 9 years! What Carly loves most about spin class is even if you’re not quite in workout mode when you get to the gym - when you hop on that bike, it's go time! We are all in it together - dim the lights, crank the tunes, let's go!