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Many wonderful employers in Sitka are already enhancing the lives of those that make up their company through life changing wellness programs, which include a membership or access to the Hames facility.

Below is a list of exceptional employers who understand the importance of health, wellness, and fitness and the difference that these elements can make in the overall quality of one’s work and personal life.

  • SEARHC – covers partial Hames membership and classes for employees

  • Prewett Enterprises – offers access to Hames through specific company incentives

  • Sitka Police Department - offers access to Hames through specific company incentives

  • Hames Corporation – offers fitness benefits to employees and their families

Like these companies listed above, you too can reap the benefits of a healthy team by creating a focus on wellness that encompasses both fitness and lifestyle changes. Join the companies around the world who are collectively decreasing the cost of healthcare through the implementation of a preventative plan which can inevitably safe the lives of their employees.