Lynne McGowan-Brandon


Dance Fitness

For Lynne, having fun with fitness through dance has been a driving force her entire adult life. Dance is a joy that she wants to share with students and for them to experience! She has extensive experience as a fitness professional and became an ACE certified group fitness and personal trainer in 1994 and 2002 respectively. She and her Dance Fitness partner, Kristi Coltharp, have been volunteering to teach their class for many years, in order to make it affordable for all who want to participate.

She received a degree in Park Management from Colorado State University.  Work as a park ranger brought her to Sitka in 1979 and she has spent over 25 years working as a park manager.  For eleven years, when her two sons were young, she was a successful professional potter and is still known for her pots with unique, intricate wildlife designs.  Currently, Lynne works as the Executive Director of Sitka Trail Works. Lynne spends her “spare” time gardening, hiking and biking, creating quilts with wildlife designs and spending time with her family and friends.