Cindy Edwards


Cindy started on a banana seat, moved on to a unicycle, and now rides her bike almost everywhere. She's brought her outdoor passion indoors to the Hames Center, where she teaches four Spinning® classes a week, emphasizing deep workouts with low joint impact.

Cindy earned her Spinning® certification after 10 years of being a student in various Spinning® classes nationwide. It was during a class with a muscled triathlete and an overweight woman (with a cane) riding side-by-side that she realized what a broad spectrum this program can benefit, and knew it was something she wanted to share.

After years working as a recreation director and a lifetime as a music lover, she found spinning to be a perfect combo of a passion for fun, fitness, and music. Cindy also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, kiteboarding and living in the most perfect place on earth with her husband and "Sitka family."