Pilates focuses on strength, flexibility and coordination. Some of the many benefits include overall body fitness, improved posture, increased lung capacity, elongated & sculpted muscles and  mind-body harmony.

Power Pilates - SATURDAYS 10:15am w/ Annie Walden

Power Pilates is designed to take your core strength and control to the next level. A full body mat work-out that builds strength and complements all levels and types of exercise. We focus on strength and precision that will help you accomplish your fitness goals.

gentle pilates - SATURDAYS 9:00am w/ ANNie walden

This is a great class for those who are new to Pilates or need a gentler work out. Each class focuses on strength, flexibility and mobility; with an emphasis on connecting to and strengthening your core. This is a safe yet challenging class that will help you sculpt your body and increase in agility.