RockFit Program

RockFit is a cross training program that incorporates gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance movements executed at high intensity. The exercises are all functional, helping individuals perform at their optimal levels in and outside the gym.

Rockfit is offered a month at a time, four days a week. Each class has an eight person limit in order to have more individual attention! We have multiple class times to choose from to fit your schedule. 

On-Ramp for First timers: 

If you're new to RockFit, you'll start with an On-Ramp program in order to familiarize yourself with the nine fundamental movements in a more personalized environment (1-3 people per class). One On-Ramp class is required before participating in general classes. 



General Classes:

After your On-Ramp training is complete, you'll join general classes! These classes have seven components: warm up, dynamic stretching, description/demonstration workout, skill, strength, conditioning and cool down. There will be a new strength and conditioning workout each day. 

Class Times:

RockFit is four days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Choose the time that works best for your schedule







Introducing a new Class opportunity

Rockfit Conditioning

with Dawn Johnson

Wednesdays at 6:00am



RockFit Pricing:

On-ramp (one time charge):

Members and non-members: $25.00

general classes (MONTHLY based on number of days in month)

Hames Center member: $6.00/class 

Non-member: $60.00 Hames Membership, + $6.00/class

About the Instructor: Melissa Viator

Staying active and physically fit has been Melissa’s passion her entire life.  She exemplified her love for health and fitness during her tenure in the United States Army as a Commissioned Officer.  She is so passionate about influencing a healthy lifestyle that she decided to end her successful 12-year military career and pursue a Masters in Public Health from the University of Anchorage Alaska where she can focus on preventive health programs. She enjoys running on mountainous trails and participating in challenging obstacle races, although her real love for fitness was discovered when she started Crossfit in 2007.  

    Today, Melissa is currently a commissioner with Sitka’s Health Needs and Human Services Commission and an active public health advocate throughout the community.  She is a Level-1 Crossfit Certified Trainer and was a competitor in the Alaska Crossfit State Championships in 2012 and 2014.  As a mother of two, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and influencing others to live a healthy lifestyle as well is very important to her.  

What people are saying about RockFit: 

"I feel like I am getting my strength back after having kids. It's the part of my day that I do for myself - in class I am not a mother or a wife or a nurse - I do it for me - I love it!!"

- Susan C.

"RockFit has made my 1 year in Sitka markedly more enjoyable and memorable. First time in my life I look forward to waking up at 6:00am each day"

- Steve G.

"RockFit has been a great way for me to get out and meet new people. I started when I was new to town and it was the best decision I made after I moved here."

- Marla M.

"I feel like I'm safe and strong. I'm glad that I'm being pushed when I need to be pushed and encouraged when I don't think I can do it yet!"

- Lisa H.

"(I've had) shoulder pain on both sides for five months: tried many things: cold laser, PT with bands...etc. The strengthening in class pretty much cured the issue!"

- Marsha H.

"I like having set strength workouts that I can see improvements on over a couple weeks. RockFit has got me back in touch with my body and I always feel great after coming."

- Eva F.

"The workouts are awesome! It has motivated me to wake up in the mornings, and I am not a morning person."

- Megan M.

"I'm pretty buff! ...long term injuries have almost disappeared by strengthening supporting muscles."

- Jael M. 

"(RockFit) has helped improve my endurance in my running and it is helping overall toning."

- Jamilee A.

"I came from powerlifting and had essentially no flexibility and poor conditioning. I still struggle, but the improvement is dramatic."

- Steve G.