5:30am - Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays with Cindy

8:30am - tuesdays with michalene & thursdays with susan

4:00pm - sundays with susan

5:15PM - Tuesdays and thursdays with emma

Join the Spinning® craze and try this excellent cardio workout on Spinner® Exercise Bikes. Instructors will create a profile filled with challenging hills, sections of flat road, and jumps. Classes will optimize cardiovascular training by alternating between strength, cardio, and race-day rides. Regular spin classes are 60 minutes, and our other Spin® offerings are described below.

Lunch Spin®

12:15pm - Mondays with michalene

12:15PM - Wednesdays with susan

12:15PM-  fridays with erin

Spin for 45 minutes during your lunch break!


wednesday 4:30pm with michalene

A unique combination of TRX suspension training and Spinning® You’ll build strength, gain flexibility, and get a heart-pumping workout, all in one class! TRX/Spin Fusion is great for people of all fitness levels.


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