You've made the first (and often hardest!) step towards fitness: the decision to begin. Now that you've decided to get started, the real question is often where to begin? Look no further. This page will provide tips, resources and plenty of links to get you on the right track!


Aerobic & Strength Training 101

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Here at the Hames Center, we offer a quarterly training featuring instruction on how to get started with a personal fitness routine, and as an added bonus you learn how to use all of the equipment we have here. You'll spend two full hours with professional physical therapists from Sitka Physical Therapy. It's a great opportunity to ask questions and develop a training plan that is right for you. Click here to learn more.


Sample Training Plans to get started on your 5k or 10k

Running Form (Click to Expand image!)

Injury Prevention with sitka physical therapy

FREE 15 minute screenings for members

Pushed yourself a little too far? Not sure if you're ready to take on a new exercise routine? Sitka Physical Therapy offers free 15-minute injury screenings to Hames' members! Sitka Physical Therapists are at Hames the second Thursday of the month from 5:15 -6 pm. Stop by the front desk, register online or call (907) 747-5080 to reserve a spot!


Musical Motivation

Spotify- The "Running" feature lets you select the style of music you want, and it curates a playlist as you run according to how many steps per minute you take. When your music matches your stride, it's easier to keep going!

Rock My Run- Another favorite here are the playlists created by Nike! The Nike+ Running app also allows you to choose music based on your pace or link to spotify during your run.

Pandora- A great free option, though you will have to put up with adds. There are a few stations designed specifically for workouts or you can simply create a "Running" station.



Favorite Newsletters/Websites

Your healthy body thanks you!