Hames Center offers the latest in cardiovascular and weight training equipment. With plenty of treadmills, elliptical trainers, bicycles and stationary/free weights to choose from, you will rarely have to wait in line to exercise. Thank you to our donors who have bought us top-of-the-line equipment!


  • Full gym with cardio equipment including 7 treadmills, 3 recumbent bicycles, 4 rowing machines, 5 elliptical trainers, and a stair stepper
  • Full selection of resistance machines
  • Free-weight room
  • Dedicated space for stretching, core work, and calisthentics, with exercise balls, medicine balls, wall balls, balance boards and other equipment
  • 2 racquetball courts 
  • Locker rooms with hot showers and infrared saunas 
  • Daily open gym times 
  • 40+ classes a week 
  • Various pick-up sports including basketball, soccer, pickle ball, hockey, and volleyball 
  • Climbing wall with top roping and bouldering, as well as a slack line
  • Punching bag
  • Sports clinics and wellness workshops
  • Physical therapy screenings
  • Nutrition screenings with our in-house nutrition coaches
  • Tot’s Gym (family time) & Parent Power Hour (child care) 
  • Toys for kids including scooters, jump rope, tricycles, balls, and more