The Hames Center originally opened as the Lloyd F. Hames Physical Education Center in 1987, as part of Sheldon Jackson College. Following the school's closure, the city of Sitka took over management of the Fitness Center, but was forced to shut down its operation at the end of 2010. The Hames Center gained new life and energy when Sitka Fine Arts Camp accepted ownership of the Sheldon Jackson Campus. 

In 2011, Sitka Fine Arts Camp and a group of dedicated Sitkans launched a revitalization project that started the volunteer-run model of operation that is in place today. Fueled by volunteer hours, the Hames Center has been repaired and improved, and currently serves more than 700 members (and another thousand day users) in the community. Furthering the educational goals of the campus, the Hames Center offers a wide range classes and workshops in health promotion, wellness, exercise, and sports.

Below is a slideshow of the Hames Center restoration efforts (circa 2011)

Watch the video below to learn more about the Sheldon Jackson revitalization project that started with the Hames Center.